20 Tips for a Successful Multi-Family Vacation with Your Buddies

If you’re looking to do something different this holiday season, you may want to give multi-family vacation a try. Going on a holiday with another family (or families) can be a completely refreshing experience for both adults and children, provided you choose compatible travel companions and plan everything in detail. Here are 20 convocation tips to help you have a memorable multi-family experience.

  1. Pick your travel companions wisely. A multi-family vacation can quickly turn into a nightmare if you don’t choose the right people to travel with. Don’t plan a trip with a family just because you like them—consider if you have similar interests and would not mind spending extended time together.
  2. Have multiple meetings when planning a group vacation to know what each family wants from the vacation and if all are on the same page regarding the type of vacation, accommodation type, local experiences and so forth.
  3. Don’t ignore children’s preferences. Ask your children if they would like to go on a vacation with the other family. Consider if every child will have a companion of his or her age group.
  4. Plan your budget to the last detail. Discuss food bills, experiences and activities, day trips, cab fares and groceries so that each family has an estimate of the total vacation cost.
  5. Pick the location with consensus. Ask everyone where they’d like to go. Take into account important factors such as local weather, distance, time available and budget when deciding on the destination.
  6. If travelling with children, scout for locations that offer plenty of fun and exploratory activities. For a couples-only vacation, pick a destination that offers a mix of both quiet romantic experiences and exciting group activities.
  7. Vacationing with a baby or toddler can be restricting in many ways. If one of the families has a baby, consider if you’re ready to travel with a little one.
  8. Communication is key when planning a multi-family vacation. As long as everyone in the group is open about their expectations from the trip, you can have a great time as a group.
  9. Assign chores to everyone, including young children. Sharing responsibilities is a great way to have a harmonious vacation with other families.
  10. Avoid the urge to discipline your friends’ children. It could lead to unpleasantness or resentment and spoil a good friendship.
  11. Discuss your parenting styles and lay down rules that each child will need to follow with regard to screen time, bed time, eating junk food and so on. Talk about whether you’d like to make exceptions sometimes.
  12. Discuss babysitting. Each couple could sneak out for a private romantic experience if everyone takes turns to babysit the kids.
  13. For a large group, it might make sense to book a holiday home or apartment instead of multiple hotel rooms. These days you can easily find a holiday rental specific to your needs, such as a private swimming pool, full-service kitchen, spacious bedrooms, and so forth.
  14. Book accommodation with a kitchen so that the kids can be fed whenever they’re hungry without having to call for room service time and again.
  15. Don’t force the other family’s children to engage in adventure sport or other activities that are not appropriate for their age or that they’re not keen to try.
  16. Avoid leaving young children alone in the room or hotel premises. Make safety a priority.
  17. If going on an adults-only trip, respect the other couples’ privacy and need for time alone. Plan your days so that each family gets some time off to do what they want.
  18. Be willing to make compromises. Rarely will things go exactly as planned when you’re on a vacation, and unexpected issues may crop up, such as an argument between spouses, a child getting sick, flight delays and so on. Being prepared to make compromises will help you sail through the challenges and surprises of a group vacation.
  19. A multi-family trip works best if you choose accommodation with plenty of outdoor space. It gives everyone enough space to disperse and recharge and gives children space to run around and play
  20. Don’t be judgmental about an adult, adolescent or child losing their cool. Holidays can be stressful, especially when too many people spend a lot of time together. Also, don’t fret if your family rules are not followed to a Tee. Focus instead on having a great time with your travel buddies.

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