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22 Tips for Relocating Abroad for Work

Relocating Abroad

22 Tips for Relocating Abroad for Work

Moving overseas for a new job is an experience of a lifetime, but one that requires diligent planning and well-thought-out decisions. Here are 22 tips to help make your relocation as stress-free as possible.

  1. Don’t quit your current job until you have obtained written job confirmation and work visa from your future employer.
  2. Get health insurance if your employer is not providing the same.
  3. Safeguard important documents such as your passport, visa, air tickets and IDs. Make physical and digital copies and save them at different places.
  4. Build a financial backup just in case things in your new job do not work out as expected.
  5. Learn the language you’re likely to encounter once there. If attending classes is not possible, use online resources and mobile apps.
  6. If taking your pet along, get their travel documents in place.
  7. Rent a house for a short duration rather than buy one right away—this will give you an opportunity to get to know your neighborhood before investing.
  8. If moving with family, take time to research schools and healthcare amenities in your preferred neighborhoods.
  9. Research crime rates as well as culture and lifestyle of the city you’ll be calling your new home.
  10. Decide where you’ll live based on what matters most for your family.
  11. Carry documentation that you may need to open a bank account, apply for credit cards, get a driver’s license, submit for school admission, and so forth.
  12. Find a couple of local doctors and keep their contact numbers and address handy.
  13. Carry essentials for each family member in a small suitcase and ship rest of your belongings through a reliable mover.
  14. Carry sufficient cash for immediate expenses, such as buying groceries.
  15. Before leaving, get an international driving permit. It is valid for one year and you can get one if you have a valid driver’s license in your home country.
  16. Inform your bank, credit card issuer, cell phone provider, newspaper vendor, digital TV service, etc. back home that you are moving for good.
  17. Register at your home country’s embassy in your new country.
  18. Get an international calling card when you get there, but research different offers first.
  19. Don’t offend the locals. Learn basic social and business etiquette.
  20. Talk to your spouse and children about the culture shock they may experience.
  21. Learn the basics of taxation to understand if you’re required to pay taxes to both countries and if there are exemptions available.
  22. Once you’ve been there a few months and would like to make the place your permanent home, apply for permanent residency. If moving to the US, check if you qualify for the green card lottery results, which will make gaining PR a little easier for you and your family.


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