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3 Glamorous Trends to look for in every Pakistani Showbiz Wedding

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3 Glamorous Trends to look for in every Pakistani Showbiz Wedding

Pakistani celebrities have not only redefined mainstream Pakistani fashion but have also helped to promote Pakistani showbiz and day-to-day events with their endorsements, support, public relations, and poise and dignity. While we are discussing Pakistani celebs, let’s take a detour to the ultimate grandeur in the entirety of Pakistani showbiz – Pakistani (read: desi) weddings.

Today, Pakistani showbiz weddings are nothing what they used to be at least a couple of decades ago. Thanks to social media and the paparazzi, the uncontrollable urge of scrolling through the pictures of our favorite Pakistani Showbiz couples as they tie the knot in a destination wedding is fueled whenever we log in on our Instagram accounts.

3 Glamorous Trends to look for in every Pakistani Showbiz Wedding

Gone are the days when we would witness the groom and the bride posing for the paparazzi in a secluded wedding. Today, it’s all about glamour, designer apparel, extravagant make-up salons, diamond jewellery and destination weddings.

1)    Designer Apparel and Heirlooms:

Let’s not forget the lucrative and uber popular names of fashion designers such as HSY, Ali Xeeshan and Nomi Ansari. These designers have not only helped to reclaim Pakistani Showbiz with their brilliant taste in fashion, but have also helped to style various brides in their heirlooms and ethnic attire.

South Asian weddings are particularly high on make-up extremes. You’d either witness the bride in a lucid smokey eye-make up with a bold lip colour and a heavily sculpted face or you’d see her modestly carrying a nude lip colour with enough glow on the bridge of her nose to light an entire city.


2)    Extravagant Weddings:

Let’s not talk about a three day affair, since a wedding with a couple of functions is a thing of the past. Throw in a bridal shower or a bachelor party, or take the entire guest list to a boating cruise to celebrate your wedding. The hashtag #AnushMunib took Instagram by storm for 8 straight months, as their wedding functions were never-ending and comprised of an extravagant destination wedding as well.



While a Nikkah at the Badshahi Mosque seems a bit alright per se, but having a Qawwali night with a Sufi theme seems a bit out of context of a wedding, not to mention costly. Also, it is no longer popular to host a single event of Sangeet or Mehendi.

The wedding of Urwa and Farhan proved to be likewise as their wedding functions comprised of three Mehendi functions which redefined glamour and floral grandeur. Having a simple playlist is also considered to be a thing of the past. Today, it’s all about Rahat Fateh Ali Khan serenading the Pakistani Film Industry Lollywood at weddings as well.


3)    Daytime Receptions:

The rising TV actress and model of the Pakistani Entertainment Industry, Saheefa Jabbar Khattak had her wedding reception in the daytime instead of going by the stereotype and having it in the night. The entire reception was decorated in pastel colours and the bride, including majority of the guests could be seen adorning pink, ivory and beige hues instead of the deep blue and black shades of monotony.

The Pakistani film industry vs. the Indian film industry has a lot to conquer in regards of fashion and aesthetics. The Indian film industry has seen a lot of capable designers, but there is a single name in the hood that has even taken the Cannes Festival by storm. We are talking about Sabyasachi who had not only styled Anushka in his designer apparel on her wedding, but had also helped her to tackle her look with his precious heirlooms.




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