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3 Must-Have Furniture Items for Millennial Homes

Millennial Homes

3 Must-Have Furniture Items for Millennial Homes

Working millennials have adopted a lifestyle that is radically different from that of the previous generation—an increasing number of millennial families and singles are seeking utmost comfort in everyday life at prices they can afford. At the same time, this generation has no qualms about spending heavily on items of everyday use, including furniture, that are comfortable, practical and suited to their lifestyle.

If you are a millennial looking to furnish your home with select furniture items that will add to your comfort and blend with your easy going lifestyle, here are our top three picks:

Multi-use tables

Most millennials prefer minimalistic décor and don’t like to stuff their space with furniture pieces that don’t serve a specific purpose. This is a key reason why the world’s leading furniture companies have come up with furniture lines that cater specifically to the tastes and preferences of millennial customers.

A multi-use table is one product that modern city dwellers like to have in their homes. What you need is a table that will serve both as a dining table and a work table and look stylish and elegant at the same time. Millennials are not willing to compromise on the aesthetics simply for the sake of functionality—and furniture manufacturers are more than happy to oblige. So look for a table that’s just the right height and looks great too. Use it to work, have a meal or to catch a cup of coffee with a friend.

Bar stools

Bar stools are high stools, upholstered or not, and they come in a wide range of materials and fantastic designs. Don’t have a bar at home? Having a couple of bar stools is still a great idea—place them next to your kitchen counter for a quick breakfast on rushed mornings or in the balcony for a lazy drink with a friend or colleague.

As bar stools generally have more height than regular stools, sitting and getting off them has an added feel of convenience and ease of use. An added perk: you can use your bar stool as a one-step ladder to reach the higher shelves in the kitchen.

Sofa bed (sleeper sofa)

Sofa bed is a sofa that serves as a couch during daytime and can be converted into a comfortable single bed by night. For singles living alone in a small space, a sleeper sofa is the ideal piece of furniture that saves both space and money. For families that have guests staying over frequently, a sofa bed is a great functional addition to the living room.

Use it to unwind and catch your favorite flick after a long day at work or to make a sleeping space for an unexpected guest—a sleeper sofa is a worthy investment to elevate your lifestyle.

Need tips on how to buy the perfect sleeper sofa? Check out this essential six-point checklist at that will serve as a handy guide to picking the best sleeper sofa for your home or office.


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