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3 Things To Consider When Buying A Fur Coat In St Louis

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3 Things To Consider When Buying A Fur Coat In St Louis

A high-quality fur coat is an undeniable mark of high fashion. But with the prices of fur coats and jackets rising high, one cannot really afford to make a mistake while buying one. If you have a desire to buy a well-made fur coat of high-quality in St. Louis, you need to be careful about a few factors. Here are three things to consider when buying a far coat in St. Louis.

  1. Check The Genuineness Of The Fur

A fur coat is only as good as the fur used in it. That is why you need to make sure that the coat or jacket you are considering is made of real fur. Remember that real fur is very soft to touch. In comparison, fake fur is a bit rough.  Additionally, look for labels inside the coat. Finally, carry out the burn test to determine if the coat is real or fake. Just remove a few hairs from the coat and light them using a matchstick or lighter. Be aware that real fur burns to give out the smell of human hair burning. The same isn’t true in case of fake fur.

  1. See If It Is A Full Skin Coat Or A Cropped One

A full skin fur coat indicates that the whole skin of the animal has been used to make the coat. Such coats are expensive in nature. On the other hand, when a tailor uses cut-pieces of fur to make a coat, it is known as a cropped coat. A cropped fur coat is not as costly as a full skin coat. The reason behind this is that the pieces of fur used to make the coat are not symmetrical and differ from one another.

  1. Evaluate The Type Of Fur

You can buy fur coats and jackets of several types in St. Louis. Among the popular types of fur are those belonging to mink, sable, fox, lynx, and chinchilla. But you need to know your furs apart to make the right choice.

  • Mink: Mink fur is known for its lightweight, lovely sheen, soft texture, and extreme durability. Fur coats and jackets made from the skin of a female mink are highly desirable among the fur-enthusiasts in St Louis and elsewhere. Are you interested in buying a mink jacket? You are only one step away from finding your own sheared mink jacket in St Louis.
  • Sable: A fur coat made of sable attracts attention due to its silky pelt. Interestingly, the pelt remains smooth regardless of which way you stroke it.
  • Fox: Fox fur is prized for its variety of natural colors. Found all over the world, fox fur is also known for its long hair.
  • Lynx: The demand for lynx fur is due to the incredibly fluffy snow-white coat that features delicate black spots. Further, lynx fur doesn’t shed, which makes it easy to handle and store the fur coats.
  • Chinchilla: Known for its enticing slate blue-grey color and lavish look, chinchilla fur is extremely lightweight. Another plus point is that the fur has the highest hair density among all animals.

These points will help you to make your selection with confidence.


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