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4 Key E-commerce Issues That Call For Specialist Legal Advice

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4 Key E-commerce Issues That Call For Specialist Legal Advice

Setting up and running an e-commerce business does sound like a lot of fun, but in terms of legal formalities and issues faced by digital entrepreneurs, it is not much different from brick-and-mortar businesses.

Internet entrepreneurs just starting out need to be aware that merely building an online retail or wholesale store is not enough to get going on their e-commerce journey; there are special laws and regulations in place for e-commerce and each of those needs to be taken into account when establishing online commercial operations.

Incorporation and licenses

First and foremost, a company that wants to sell online must have itself incorporated as per local regulations and e-commerce laws governing the specific industry. You need to obtain specific licenses and permits before you start selling anything online.

Incorporation and having the necessary licenses safeguards an online business against fraud and disputes. Therefore, regardless of the scale of your business, get thoroughly acquainted with e-business laws with the help of a legal expert who specializes in e-commerce legal issues and procedures.

Domain name registration

A domain name dispute can arise when an existing business entity raises legal objection to the name of your web business. The best way to avoid this legal complication is to hire the services of a competent and experienced lawyer well versed in the various legal aspects of setting up and running an internet-based business.

Choosing and registering a name for your website is one of the first steps to starting out as an e-commerce entrepreneur, and it is at this time when you need to have access to sound legal advice. A domain dispute lawyer can help you wade through the legalities of naming your website without falling into legal trouble.

Trademarks and copyrights

Have you inadvertently chosen a logo or a brand name that’s similar to that of another existing brand? This can lead the other party to initiate legal proceedings against your company, even before you start operating. Most entrepreneurs assume that they understand trademarks, copyrights and patents as well as the legalities associated with these terms; however, there have been instances of infringements based on half knowledge and lack of sound legal counsel.

To steer clear of such disputes, digital entrepreneurs must consider seeking the services of a lawyer who has relevant experience and knowledge in handling such matters.

Payments, taxation, insurance

An online store needs to have a robust payment gateway in place to avoid failed payments and abandoned transactions. An e-commerce lawyer can help you with the regulations concerning online

payments as well as the terms and conditions governing your contract with the payment gateway. Similarly, other critical aspects of buying and selling online, such as taxation, insurance, shipping and inventory have their own set of bylaws and compliances that must be adhered to right from the start. Have a competent legal professional on board so that you and your team can consult them on the various aspects of setting up your e-business and thus minimize the risk of undesirable legal complications.


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