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5 Online Dating Rules For Those With A Disability

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5 Online Dating Rules For Those With A Disability

Online dating can be an exciting prospect as it has an element of surprise. You can connect with people next door or from across the globe, right from your living room. You can know more about them before you decide whether you actually want to go ahead with the relationship. It can be a great option for the disabled too as there are several websites that are dedicated to helping the disabled find suitable partners. However, finding a perfect match can be quite a challenge for such individuals because people differ and disabilities differ. There are certain rules that you should follow while dating online to ensure that you get a perfect match despite your disabilities.

Be honest with the prospective partner

Honesty is the golden rule for online dating and it becomes all the more important if you are disabled. You need to be honest and disclose everything about your physical or mental disabilities, the treatment you are taking, whether you are likely to be normal and everything else that you would want the prospective partner to know. Don’t wait for them to ask but neither should you overload them with information. Start with the basics and share the details as they show interest.

Have realistic expectations

Having realistic expectations is another smart online dating move for such individuals. You are not a celebrity by any means and neither should you expect that someone who looks like one to be interested in you. Looks should never be the first thing on your online dating checklist while looking for a partner. Try to find someone who is like-minded and would understand your challenges and desires.

Take your time

Never make a commitment unless you are absolutely sure about someone. It is likely that you may be looking for a partner desperately and leaving a chance may be a feeling of total loss. Still, you should take your time and try to know the other person better before taking the relationship to the next level. Know their lifestyle, families, profession and mindset well enough.

Evaluate your options

Websites like Special Bridge provide a platform where you can meet potential partners with similar challenges and disabilities. There are a number of options that you can get at such sites. It is advisable to look for options and evaluate them rather than jump at the very first possibility. Connect with people, chat with them, know them better and find someone who perfectly matches your desires and needs.

Be open-minded

The last and perhaps the most important online dating rule for disabled individuals, is to be open-minded. Accept yourself as you are, with the disability. Do the same for the other person because you may actually find your true love in someone who understands your trauma and feels it too.

Following these dating rules might seem tough but they can help you to find the best partner without much hard work. Once you are sure that the other person is right for you, plan a date and make your relationship official. Happy dating!


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