Bike Lights: Importance and Picks

Do you like to ride? If yes, you would want to ride through different conditions and it’s never easy to ride, especially when the sun goes down or it’s yet to rise. It can work in two different ways like creating illumination onto the front path and creating your visibility to other vehicles. So, it’s certainly important for two different reasons and when you’ll ride in the city, you would definitely be seen by other vehicles. Reasonably you would have sufficient space to move with your bike. On the other hand, if you have a tail light right behind the bike, you would have a more comfortable experience. Because the vehicles come right from behind would be simply able to detect your location even from miles away.

Moreover, if you have an adventurous mind and like off-road biking, you would need more powerful light than the one you may have on your road bike. Because it’s never easy to overcome the holes and muds on the trails and a powerful bike light can make it certainly easier. It would save you from getting lost right from the trails. That’s why there are manufacturers who make high-quality lights that can work in any condition.

It Might Be Waterproof 

Though not every light is waterproof and in most cases, they would be water-resistant which might work under little splashes. But, this is not enough under huge rains and that’s why you could find fully waterproof light which would simply work under huge rains. Either you are an off-road biker or amateur cyclist, you could always have the best option when it comes to riding successfully in the rain. The water protection can simply keep the water out from internal parts.

Easy To Manage

A light simply mounts to the handlebar and lights up the front path. The mounts a bike light offers might not be complicated as we see on most of the lights. Aside from simple mounts, the switch will also be able to handle the power and it will let you easily use the number of lumens you need. So you will always have a comfortable way to maintain the power and if the light is rechargeable, you can charge it up by the included charger. 

The Bike Lights We Recommend 

You would probably ask what are the great bike lights that would work in any condition. The two bike lights we recommend here might be a great thing to use with your bike. 

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1. BrightRoad Rechargeable 800

The BrightRoad Rechargeable 800 would work on the way the rider wants as the first specialty would be the waterproof hull which can prevent water. It delivers a steady beam with 800 lumens power and the beam can reach up to 650 feet. Moreover, the modes like high contrast, medium contrast, low contrast, flash, and strobe simply determine the number of lumens you literally want to use. The powerful battery will help it to keep alive for more than an hour even when it is in beast mode. It has also 360-degree rotation and 85 degrees light angle which enhances its natural usability to the users.

It’s sturdy and made of aero aluminum to stay safe from rusts. You can detach it from the cycle as if it can be used as a flashlight. An indicator is also included to simply get a prior message when the battery starts drying.    

2. NiteRider Pro 1400

So, you love off-road biking! The NiteRider Pro 1400 might do a good trick for a person who wants to enjoy an adventurous off-road journey. With a crystal clear Cree LED the custom engineered reflector creates a brighter illumination while the right amount of spotlight throw will aid you to keep focused more comfortably. It comes with four modes and it runs almost 2 hours in high mode. The rechargeable battery can be full in five hours and once it is fully charged you can simply run it in different modes with different lifetimes. The hull is durable as it will keep providing service in the toughest conditions. 

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The DuPont fiberglass reinforced nylon casing is robust and it will simply accept the abuses. It will come with all the kits you need to mount tightly and the weatherproof design will let it provide illumination at any moment.   

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