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Completion of Orphan Train Series

Completion of Orphan Train Series

Mesa, Arizona

Car Angel a charity and production company associated with Boat Angel in Mesa, Arizona recently completed a ten part miniseries starring Mahie Gill. The series was filmed in Pakistan, India, Mexico, Arizona with principle photography in Houston, Texas. The production was done in partnership with Next Actors Studio under the direction of Trisha Ray. Original music was contributed by Ken Mary well known as the drummer for Alice Cooper and Northern Light Orchestra a project signed to EMP distribution. The ten part series with dialogue in Hindi, Spanish and English is the second full length production in partnership with an Indian Company. Previously Car Angel™ co-produced alongside Tapaas Charavarti the Adventures of Donkey Ollie  and the spinoffs have been translated into more than thirty languages.  The company plans on releasing the ten part series through Netflix in India. To request screeners all interested broadcaster can contact

Brian Stewart author of Orphan Train was inspired to create the series after a visit to Addis Ababa and witnessing firsthand the conflict between various religious groups. Car Angel currently funds over eighty full time sports professionals who teach children soccer basics and conduct Sunday School lessons based on the Tales of Donkey Ollie. He is also the song-write co-producer of Northern Light Orchestra alongside Ken Mary.  The band recently switch to a distribution label owned by David Ellefson well known as the found member of Megedeth.  The band features singers who are well know. Some of the most notable singers are Mark Slaugher, Robin McCauley, Debbie Sledge, John Elefante, Robert Mason, Jon Gibson, Bob Carlylse, and newcomer Laura Walsh.

Trisha Ray is the well know director of Sugar Baby and Inside Out, and the multiple award winning Federal Case and they recently completed the award winning fast paced drama about the afterlife – Artisse. She is the Director of the NIFF  international Film festival located in the River Oaks area of Houston Texas.  The series Orphan Train features  top Rice University College Athlete Josh Rayman of Indian descent who is listed as one of the top USA athletes.

Mahie Gill is a Punjabi actress who has received critical acclaim for over thirty films.  She is scheduled to star in the latest sequel to the well received Box Office hit Dabangg. The Orphan Train series required a lot of outside shooting and working with Max the police dog who steals the show in many of the scenes. The filming was grueling with footage shot along the dangerous Texas, Mexico border in town that have been overrun recently by the cartels.  The principle photography took over eighteen months to complete with special permission given by Texas Film Commissions to the production company. The company used the songwriting skills of Brandon Munoz who crafted eight original tracks for the series. Car Angel™  is a wholly owned trademark of Boat Angel Outreach Center the largest seller of used boats on ebay

The earlier film collaboration between Next Actor  Sugar Baby was filmed entirely in Calcutta and featured Soumitra Chatterjee in one of the leading roles.

The Orphan Train series will also be edited into a feature film subtitled into Spanish, Hindi and English and distributed to theatres which cater to Indian expatriates worldwide.

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