Cool Website of the Day: LEGOMENON

We love the internet at Speaking Dots. Since the pandemic, we love it even more. We enjoy using our magazine as a place to help you discover the sites we have found in our expansive journey across the interwebz. Today, we open your eyes to LEGOMENON, an online journal founded in 2012. It started out as just a blog, but over time it has transformed into a much larger website covering a variety of topics including music, film, and entertainment. It definitely ranks as our Cool Website of the Day, if not the coolest we’ve found this month!

LEGOMENON: what kind of blog is it?

LEGOMENON is a unique site that asks the question, “What is the meaning?” The blog explores the hidden meaning of whatever bits of cultural detritus its authors find to be interesting: famous paintings, movies – you name it. “Paint it Black” is a classic rock hit in anyone’s book. Come on, we all love the Rolling Stones, right? LEGOMENON offers a very interesting interpretation of the song’s hidden meaning and back story.

Music, Art… all of the entertainment!

Word to the wise: If you love the English alternative rock band Radiohead as much as some of my friends do, LEGOMENON will hook you up with all of the hidden meanings and references in their songs. I for one was surprised how many references were packed into some of these songs. The site offers several interpretations and in-depth analyses of some of the band’s most difficult-to-understand songs and lyrics. Ever wonder what the secret inspiration is behind the famous “bear” logo they used during the Kid A era? Check out the LEGOMENON website to find the answer. You’re welcome!

Calling all art lovers! LEGOMENON is perhaps most famous for its interpretations of pretty much every famous painting or piece of art you have heard of. The Scream, Van Gogh’s The Starry Night, Picasso, and even my personal favorite Nighthawks (Shout-out to Chicago!) have been thoughtfully reviewed and analyzed on the site. If you love art and thinking about its meaning and significance, you will definitely find that LEGOMENON’s one-of-a-kind analyses of your favorite paintings and art pieces are not to be missed. We guarantee you will definitely learn something new!

Legomenon Magic eight ball

Beyond in-depth articles about your favorite pieces of arts & entertainment, maybe our favorite thing about LEGOMENON is its cool and seriously addicting online Magic 8 Ball Game. Forget about the Mattel black plastic toy – you can play your favorite fortune-telling game from the 90s online for as long as you want. All you have to do is click. I for one couldn’t stop playing. Hope they will add some more cool online games soon because the Magic 8 ball was very awesome!

All of us at the Speaking Dots team will definitely be bookmarking that one. What cool sites are you visiting again and again right now? Send us your cool websites and we will feature them in an upcoming article. We’re always looking for good new websites to surf during the pandemic. Make sure to spread the love!



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