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A divorced woman and a child of a broken family

divorced woman

A divorced woman and a child of a broken family

‘’Everything was going perfectly just like a dream. I married my prince charming, and I was gifted with a beautiful baby girl. I thought this is it, what more I can expect in life than having a beautiful family of my own. But life is so unpredictable to guess what’s next.

My prince charming left me and my daughter when she was just 6 months old. After four years of married life suddenly he realized he doesn’t love me anymore he loves someone else, and my chapter is finished with him. Since then I have been going through a lot. You know our society.

They never skip a single opportunity to talk about other people’s lives. They already have put a name tag for us, ‘a divorced woman and a child of a broken family.’ Some even indirectly accused me of my divorce to happen saying: ‘It’s a credit for a woman if she can keep her husband happy in a marriage because it’s their only achievement in life.’

But when you do the same as those men who betray they would call you the slut and not a man’s failure. And it has become like a culture that a divorced one should marry a divorced only otherwise they won’t be accepted in this society. I am not going to be a puppet for the rest of my life nor will I make my daughter feel the same.

I will fight and I am fighting, with a smile. So YES! I am a single mother living in this city and I don’t live in society’s sympathy, and I won’t let sadness win over me.’ Humans of Dhaka City.


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