Elapath Wins EPFC Contract for 8 Million Barrels in the Middle East

California, June 12, 2020.

Elapath has announced its latest project in the Middle East; a multimillion-dollar contract for the engineering, procurement, fabrication, and construction of storage tanks for 8 million barrels. This latest project translates to two storage tanks at four million barrels per tank. The infrastructure will be built in one of the Middle Eastern countries where Elapath already enjoys a dominant and strategic presence.

Reacting to the latest development, Elapath’s Representative and chief field officer had said “for many years now, we’ve enjoyed a significant presence and built quite a strong track record in UAE and few of the other key markets in the Gulf countries. Our robust experience in this market, coupled with our strategic partnerships with major international contractors and operators in the energy industry has made us one of the foremost providers of EPFC and storage solutions in the UAE and beyond.”

A graph of oil production in the United Arab Emirates spanning 1998 to 2018.

Image Credit: Statista, 2020.

About Elapath

Elapath is one of the first few oil and gas suppliers and contractors in the UAE.

While the company started in the UAE, it now has its headquarters in New York, providing advanced energy services from technology to construction and engineering, and more across the USA, UAE, Middle East, North Africa as well as South Asia and the Eastern Mediterranean.

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For years now, Elapath has been actively involved in the Middle Eastern energy industry, building end-to-end infrastructure and innovative tech solutions for the transportation and transformation of oil and gas into finished products. By leveraging our robust industry expertise and proprietary technologies, we’ve been able to add value and innovations to multiple energy projects across the world.

Elapath has a workforce in the hundreds, with subsidiaries in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, Cyprus, Pakistan, and Algeria. And aside from Elapath’s core line of petroleum services, the company is also a key local sponsor and partner for many multinational contractors and operators in the energy industry in the UAE and the USA. To learn more, visit www.elapathenergy.com.

Developing assets in the Middle East’s energy industry

Elapath has been instrumental in the development of key energy assets and infrastructure across the Middle East. the latest contract is aimed at completing the construction of two storage tanks in the UAE with a capacity of four million barrels per tank. This is coming on the heels of decades of experience, innovation, and expertise in the energy sector that begun in the UAE.

The company’s chief field officer had said “this represents a further diversification of Elapath’s footprint in the most prolific markets in the Gulf area. It’s in the same vein, a testament to our expertise, reliability, and ability to differentiate our company from the competition as well as our capacity to successfully oversee both sizeable and large-scale infrastructure projects. The company, formerly known as MOISS, has made quite a name in the global energy and continues to deliver locally focused and globally integrated solutions for its long list of clientele in both local and global energy markets.



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