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Enhancing the features of WhatsApp


Enhancing the features of WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the widely used application by a number of people from around the world. They are using it for the means of regular communication, sending files, images, videos, audio recordings and many more. These features let the user communication in a more enhanced manner. Even it is allowing to encrypt all the messages which are sent so that third party can’t read them.

There has been constant growth in the number of users on WhatsApp due to the features which it is providing. This is making the app popular among different developers to find out some alternative which looks similar but provides some advanced features to the users. It is leading to the development of Gb WhatsApp which is similar to WhatsApp with some more features.

Brief knowledge about the GbWhatsApp

Gb WhatsApp is similar to the WhatsApp and is also using the same server of WhatsApp. It is developed by performing minor modifications in the apk file of the latest WhatsApp so that they can provide some more features. As it is not the official WhatsApp it’s not available in the play store but is required to be downloaded from its official website.

Once the application is downloaded, it will include an installation process which will require you to allow installation of third-party applications. After installation further registration process is almost similar to the original WhatsApp. Even the process of sending files, messages and the platform is similar to the WhatsApp which you are already using in your android platform.

It is possible to use the Gb WhatsApp without any fear as it is using the same server which is used by the WhatsApp. Even there are no chances of hacking your messages which you are sending through the application. You should restrict this application only if you are using the application for some corporate work or sending some sensitive information.


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