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Is your fur coat well maintained?

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Is your fur coat well maintained?

For women, a fur coat is all about class and elegance. However, it costs on a higher side and requires regular maintenance. Most women do not invest in the fur coat assuming that it will not last long and will be a big investment. Vintage fur coats need repair and restyling and women who own the coat, love to wear it time and again. If you own a classic fur coat or have a coat which is passed down to you by your mother or grandmother, you can have it restyled or repaired whenever you want to. Repairing a coat is easy and it will look as good as a brand new coat.

Quick and efficient repairs

It is important to note that dry pelts and ripped seams are a part of fur coat repair and can be handled by the professional furrier. Choose expert professionals who have been trained by the best in the industry. Repairing a fur coat will require essential tools and knowledge which is only available to the best in the industry. When sewing through the thick pelts, it is important to use a sewing needle which has been specially designed to work through leather. It also helps to have pliers which can help pull the needle on the other side. Further, repairing the pelts can also be a delicate process. In order to repair pelts, it is essential to use a thin needle and baste with close stitches so that no further damage is caused. Whatever your requirement for repair maybe, the expert furriers will help you with the same and your coat will be delivered to you in no time. The repairs will be carried out at a cost efficient rate and you will be able to save up on thousands of dollars. You do not need to do away with your precious coat due to minor damages, nor do you need to spend a huge sum purchasing a new one.

Storage is the key

One of the most important aspects to maintain the quality of fur is storage. In order to ensure that the fur coat remains in mint condition, it is essential to store it in the right place and in the right manner. Various factors come into play when storing a coat. You need to ensure that it is stored in the right temperature, with appropriate humidity and keep it in a storage vault which is safe from pests and theft. Too much or too little humidity can do damage to the fur. Hence, maintain the right temperature as well as humidity to ensure that the coat is in the finest condition. Since it is a high valued possession, you need to keep it secure from theft at all times. You need to take exceptional care of your furs during the off season. You can keep it in a safe vault during the month of summer when you are no longer going to put it on.


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