Green Information Technology- essential to know

If we compare today’s environment to the environment that was 20 to 30 years ago, there sure are far too many changes in it. There is development happening everywhere.

The infrastructure of the cities has changed; the roads and other means of transport have evolved. There are many new cars we can see on the roads, many new industries, and the waste generation too has increased alarmingly.

New commercial and residential projects have come up, the lifestyle of the people has changed, and it all has led to an increase in pollution and the increase in global warming too.

People are always buying new computers. But with the updated new technologies, the old system becomes void, and this has created a lot of electronic waste and e-pollution. Some of this waste has proven to be very dangerous to the environment around.

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So the people who use this technology and the IT sector, who benefits heavily using the technology and the devices, have a greater responsibility towards the environment.

This was the idea behind Green Information Technology– to advice the industries and everyone else to practice environmentally sustainable computing. The concept of Green Information Technology came in early 1992 when the US Environmental Protection Agency unveiled the Energy Star Labeling system. This labeling company helps the companies to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and also helps them to save money. The techniques used by this company to do this are to identify the superior and the green products that will help to reduce greenhouse emissions and the energy consumption.

With the increasing pollution and the e-waste produced, we can say that green information technology is only going to get bigger. The problems caused by the global warming are increasing day by day, and the tackling of its issues is getting difficult, and that is the reason we now need to concentrate more on the use of green information technology. It can only begin by doing business with companies that are green and are sustainable. It needs to be taken as a responsibility to push the green philosophy and reduce the use of harmful pollutants in order to take care of the environment.

It is not just the moral responsibility of the companies but also of the end users. It has to be done mandatory for the companies, with a rule that industries have to implement green information technology.



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