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Here is Why Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella Once Gave Up His GREEN CARD For His Love

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Here is Why Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella Once Gave Up His GREEN CARD For His Love

Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella’s book ‘Hit Refresh’ will soon be launching officially but it has already started creating a buzz. It is being said that the book will reveal a lot about Satya Nadella’s personal life and professional struggles. Spilling the beans about Nadella’s married life and how dedicated he was towards his love, an instance about the time when he gave up his green card for his newly wedded wife is going viral on the internet.

Future Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella married his wife, Anu, in 1992, who lived in their native India. Talking about the complications that started occurring after his marriage, Nadella writes in his book,

It was a happy time, but the complications of immigration would soon prove a challenge.

The problem was the immigration. Nadella wanted to bring Anu with him but things were not that easy as they seemed. Satya Nadella had just started his job at Microsoft’s Redmond Headquarters as a technical evangelist. Nadela had a permanent resident status in the US. He was a coveted green card holder in the US as he had been in the US since he entered graduate school in 1988.

Nadella wanted to bring Anu to the US and the immigration authorities rejected Anu’s visa application. There was a long waiting list for the spouses of permanent residents and the only way that was possible was a short-term tourist visa with which she had to return to India before long.

Another way that Microsoft’s immigration lawyer suggested was too risky that anybody would have refused to even think about it but Nadella dared to take the risk. The lawyer told If Nadella gives up his green card, he can reapply for an H1B skilled worker visa. Unlike a green card, an H1B visa is temporary and must be renewed. However, H1B workers could bring over spouses, no waiting required. Talking about this law and explaining how his wife was his priority, Nadella writes,

Well, the H-1B enables spouses to come to the U.S. while their husbands and wives are working here. Such is the perverse logic of this immigration law. There was nothing I could do about it. Anu was my priority. And that made my decision a simple one.

After struggling for almost a year, Nadella went to the US embassy in Delhi and gave his green card back to a “dumbfounded” clerk. Nadella writes in his book that the lawyer’s idea “miraculously worked” and he got reunited with his family. Eventually, Nadella got his American citizenship back that he holds today.

However, Satya Nadella’s sacrifice and daring didn’t go unnoticed. His colleagues at Microsoft soon got to know that dangerous step he had taken to bring his wife. He soon started hearing “Hey, there goes the guy who gave up his green card”.  Nadella writes in his book,

What I didn’t expect was the instant notoriety around campus.

True love exists and Satya Nadella’s story proves that. Bollywood’s popular line Love ke liye saala kuch bhi karega suits best to Nadella.


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