How fireworks can be delightful

December is the month of celebrations as we celebrate Christmas and New year’s eve people like to celebrate with friends and family or they go to parties. New year parties and special fireworks are organized to welcome the forthcoming year and people love to celebrate the new beginning and start the new year with wonderful messages and thoughts. People gather with there loved ones where people dance, eat, drink or light fireworks. The celebrations generally go on past midnight into the new year.

Fireworks add light to any parties. The benefits and advantages of fireworks are that they can be the best source of entertainment for the viewers. The view created by the patterns formed by busting fireworks is amazing and beautiful. Especially for teenagers, they love to take pictures and for breathtaking views. But we should be very careful while lighting fireworks.

Some of the safety steps are:

  1. Always buy crackers from licensed companies or seller
  2. Read the instructions printed on the cracker box and follow the same steps
  3. Buy good quality product it reduces the risk of dangerous mishaps
  4. Never allow small children to light fireworks
  5. Instruct children about the usage
  6. Keep your first aid box handy
  7. Do not wear silk, nylon, and synthetic clothes
  8. If you have long hairs, tie it up
  9. Burst only in open space, not inside the house.
  10. Don’t burst crackers near hospital animals.

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