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How should men wear jewelry

How should men wear jewelry

 There is no denying the fact that jewelry has the power to make or break a look. It tells people about your personality and is the perfect reflection of your personal sense of style. Now is the time to step out of the monotony and try something new. Men’s jewelry has changed over a period of time and has evolved from basic to classic. Call it a good thing or bad thing, men are now aware about the latest trends in the industry and are open to experiment with stylish and trendy pieces. The tiny pieces of jewelry will have a strong impact on your appearance and the way people judge you. You need to ensure that you are styling the jewelry in the right manner and giving out the right message.

Here are simple rules men should follow when wearing jewelry.

  1. Simple is stylish: Do not overdo jewelry, keep it simple and basic. You can begin with a stylish jewel studded watch or choose accessories like cufflinks to draw attention on your jacket. If you are not used to wearing jewelry, you might find it overwhelming to wear an entire piece on you. Hence, it is best to start small and wear basic jewelry in generally accepted pieces. You can then start wearing pieces like chains and rings if you feel like.
  1. Match the metal: Do not wear a lot of gold and silver at a point of time. Most jewelry for men will be metallic and you need to match it in order to ensure that you are not overdoing it. Gold will have a warm tone like yellow while silver will have a stainless steel or chrome effect. You need to ensure that you do not clash the colors very sharply with one outfit as it might ruin your look. Choose the right metal and wear it in style. Do not pick multiple metals like a gold chain and silver pendant. Also, when you are buying gold, do not buy similar pieces of the same gold. You can choose different tones on a range of lightness or darkness. Try to avoid pieces that come out as extreme. If you are wearing precious stones, you need to keep them to a minimum. Do not wear multiple stones so as to avoid looking gaudy.
  1. Choose jewelry you can wear daily: When it comes to men’s jewelry, you need to pick pieces you can wear on a regular basis. You can always choose to wear your wedding band and that might not go with all other pieces you buy but that does not matter. The wedding band is an exception, it is a piece of jewelry you can wear anytime and anywhere. When you are looking for other pieces of jewelry, you need to ensure that it is not over the top yet attention grabbing. Understand how it will fit into your outfit and how you plan to carry it. Picking up something like a basic gold chain will do wonders for your wardrobe. A gold chain is traditional yet stylish and can be easily worn on any occasion. You can rock out this gold chain for any occasion. It is easy to maintain and can be worn with a pendant as well.
  1. Avoid flashy styles: Do not pick any jewelry which is too flashy and will attraction all the attention. You need to pick pieces that can be easily worn on formal and casual occasions but that does not mean you pick designs and styles that are ostentatious. If you are wearing anything metallic, keep it sleek and small. Small pieces of jewelry are best for men and if you like a versatile piece, a chain is the best bet
  2. Know when to wear what: If you have a wardrobe full of jewelry, you need to know which pieces to wear at what occasions. You can wear simple pieces on a daily basis but save the big pieces for big occasions in your life. Do not overdo it. The trick to carrying jewelry in a stylish and classy manner is by keeping it to a minimum yet ensuring that it catches attention of the onlookers. Save special pieces for specific events and bring them out only for those events.Men’s jewelry has grown over the years and there are endless options for you to choose from. A jewelry lover might be spoilt for choice when it comes to the metals, designs and styles available in the market. The trick is to wear the jewelry in the right manner so as to achieve the desired look. It is not difficult to style the jewelry according to your preference and if you are new to the jewelry industry, you might want to pick smaller pieces to being with. Men have also been carrying large pieces of jewelry in style but it is all about how you accessorize the outfit. You should always pick pieces based on the occasion and based on the way you want to carry it. If there is a lot of jewelry on you, the outfit might go unnoticed and you could end up looking over dressed. Simpler pieces like a basic gold chain or a metal ring will always be noticed and will look perfect for any occasion. You need to keep the occasion in mind when picking pieces for yourself. Consider the type of metal you wish to invest in and make a decision based on the style, design and price of the same. There are certain pieces that can be passed on for generations, although such pieces may cost more but they are worth the extra money. Jewelry shopping is a tedious business, you need to have patience and research the market before making a buy. It is basically an investment you make for yourself. Classic and stylish pieces of jewelry like a basic gold chain will never go out of style and is an ideal gifting option as well.


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