How to Get Robux for Free?

In the world of gaming, Robux is a form of currency that is exclusively used in Roblox. It is how gamers have the opportunity to purchase various accessories and amenities from the online store of Roblox and one can also get from here. Several games require Robux to be accessed in the first place, and entry is denied without this form of currency. Also known as R$, Robux, thus, is a significant form of money in the gaming world.

However, what often seems to be a bummer is the fact that it costs money to buy Robux, which is why many gamers are deprived of many advantages. To solve that, we have brought you a list of ways that will help you get Robux for free. Allow us to demonstrate how.

1. Get free Robux on

To get free Robux, go to your search engine and type in on your search bar. A page will come up with a generator made by a mod. All you need to do is type your username in the given space and click on the box that says ‘Claim Promo Code.’ As soon as it starts connecting, the page will allow you to choose from the different amounts of Robux that you want to claim.

In the next step, you need to choose the preferred amount of R$ and wait for the page to generate the codes. Click on ‘Get promo code’ once it is done. A message shall appear, which says, ‘You must subscribe to these channels before claiming your Robux promo code.’


Now, if you subscribe to the given channels, you can get extra Robux, so why not?

This is a step that has been included to verify you are a human once you have subscribed to the required channels, voila! The page will generate the promo code. Click on ‘activate.’ Following this step, you shall be given several offers, from which you have to complete two to prove you are not a bot. Some of these offers include options like ‘Get a Nike Gift Card’ or ‘Get a Playstation Voucher,’ and so on.


It is important to remember that you need to use your real information to redeem the codes. Using false information will not get you anywhere.

Once you have completed the offers, your promo code shall be activated and ready to redeem. Next, you need to go to the Redeem Roblox Promotions page and type in the system. Hit redeem, and you are done!

Note: You can also follow the same steps by visiting another website named

  1. Get free Robux on

If you wish to own free Robux by another method, go to the website All you need to do is click on ‘Next’ to get free Robux. A page will appear with some amounts of Robux along with their prices. 

However, you shall get them for free! Just choose the preferred number of R$ that you wish to gain and confirm it by entering your Roblox username. Next, hit ‘Continue.’ This will generate your card and make it valid for redeeming codes. 

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Next, you will be connected to a proxy, and once your username is found and verified, your card will be activated. After that, you shall get a pop-up message saying verification required. For that, you need to complete two offers out of all those that are listed. Once again, there will be several different options to choose from and do follow the advice of using your real information for human verification. Once you are done, you shall get free Robux.

2. Get free Robux on

For those who are looking for a third alternative, comes to the rescue. The website redirects you to a page with a game called ‘ItsJacob Robux Glitch Game 2020’. Click on the ‘Play’ icon. As in the earlier two methods, here too, you have to complete two offers to start playing. 

Once you have entered the online game, you will be taken to an arena with a red and black platform. All you have to do is cross the red and black tiles and jump on the platform that awaits you at the end. Wait there for ten seconds and then leave the game. Come back to your Roblox profile and refresh it, and you shall gain free Robux!


Red tiles kill you in the game, so be careful not to step on them.

3. Get free Robux by joining Wings.

Open your search engine and go to the Roblox website. Once you are logged in, type ‘Wings’ on the search bar and select ‘in groups’ under the categories. Once the group appears, join it. Once you are in, you shall be given a simple task to prove that you are a human and not a bot. After completing the set task, you shall get additional Robux for free. It’s that easy!

To conclude, there are several ways to earn free Robux, and we have shared all those tricks with you. Now, no gamer shall ever be broke because they shall be endowed with Robux any time!



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