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How to Get Votes for Any Facebook Contests

Votes for Any Facebook Contests

How to Get Votes for Any Facebook Contests

Contests that are hosted on Facebook are becoming more and popular. Many companies like them because they’re easy to manage. Most Facebook contests have users submit something for a chance to win a prize. Usually, the winners determined by the number of votes that item received. It’s basically a popularity contest.

If you’ve recently seen or entered one of those contests, you may be asking yourself how you can win the prize. Most people annoy their Facebook friends with posts and requests for votes. You might get a few votes this way, but this method doesn’t really work well if you need thousands of votes to win a contest. Why? Well….

  1. Most people don’t even see your post in their timeline.
  2. The few people who actually get to see your post were probably annoyed by it and kept on scrolling.
  3. You don’t have thousands of friends to vote for you in the first place.

It’s impossible to get votes when you don’t have that many friends and people ignore your posts about voting for you.

So is there a better way to get Facebook votes?

Yep! There sure is! You can use a website to purchase votes to help you win that contest. Purchasing votes online is really easy. You just provide some basic information, and soon you’ll have several votes you’ll win that contest.

Choose an Agency

Start by searching the web for agencies that specialize in online voting and contests. You’ll want to read some reviews, and make sure you pick a reputable company. Now it’s time to purchase the votes you’ll need to win that online cost. Purchasing votes for contests is a simple process. On many websites, you can purchase contest votes, and votes for photo likes.

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How to Actually Purchase the Contest Votes:

Complete the form. You will select the number of votes that you require and you’ll provide the URL for the destination of the votes. After providing your payment information, you’ll need to verify your purchase and confirm the URL of the voting page. Most agencies can get your order complete within a few days.

How to Purchase Photo Likes

If you’re in a popularity based contest, you might was to focus on the section of the website that offers photo likes. Purchasing photo likes is even simpler that purchasing votes. For fb photo likes, you only need to provide your payment information, and the URL of the photo you want to receive the likes on.

Click here to a Sample voting site to understand how it works. You can contact them to clear your queries before placing your order.

What about Other Types of Voting?

Yes, absolutely! Below some other types of contest and voting platforms that you might encounter in your online contests:

  • A login with Facebook, Yahoo or Twitter that allows an application to provide a vote.
  • A sign up form that requires you to fill out a captcha code each time to provide a vote.
  • And form that requires a one click vote with unique IP address, but does not require a Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter or captcha to provide a vote.

As you can see, purchasing votes for Facebook contests and other online contests are fast and simple. You should give it a try for yourself the next time you’re ready to enter a Facebook contest.


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