Human centered innovation and the world

The world is changing at a rapid pace. It’s hard to believe that 15 years back from now, how just a keypad mobile phone was enough for us, and how the same keypad phones now, are somewhere dumped in the corner of our lockers. This change is drastic and prevalent in almost every field, be it education, business, jobs, technology, everything in the world is evolving and progressing, and this change is good, for sure.

Business in the current economy have also come a long way as there has been the incorporation of modern technology in every business structure. Marketing perhaps has evolved the most as new techniques are being introduced on an everyday basis. In broader terms, here the focus is more on how marketing strategies have already changed a lot and how marketers are still finding ways for a better transformation of their entire business that they are a part of.

From the traditional marketing approach of sales maximization, to the latter modern marketing approaches of profit maximization as well as customer satisfaction, the marketers have tried them all. And now we all are slipping into the world of ‘human centered innovations.’

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This is about a move towards a more developed era, where the needs and the requirements of the human is the topmost priority of the marketers, and maximum human satisfaction is their reward. A holistic approach which states not to push the consumers towards the product and instead to direct the required products to the customer’s place. This approach has significantly made things easier and convenient for the customers.

What is human centered innovation?

  • In simple terms, human centered innovations mean to design convenient solutions for the real need of humans.
  • In the field of marketing, human centered innovations as the name suggests is a customer centric approach where the marketers’ researches about the consumer behavior regarding a product or service and tailors out a new product accordingly.
  • In terms of management, human centered innovations are the means of settling down the problems by developing accurate solutions according to the human’s perception.

A career in Human centered Innovations:

To deal with the problem-solving process and to create human centered strategies, the industry needs a relatively substantial number of human centered innovation experts in the near future.

A career in this department can be a golden opportunity for the one who is in higher secondary schools or college as human centered innovations strategies are being implemented gradually in every company.

There are few universities who are offering courses in the field of ‘human centered innovations,’ one can surely think of stealing this chance. The chance to study something out of the box and to become an expert in that particular field.



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