Iconic Bridge Design: Different Types of Bridges to Build on Your Property Site

What is it about famous architecture that sticks in our heads?

The Leaning Tower of Pisa. The Statue of Liberty. These icons are recognizable even if you’ve never visited them.

Why not use similar remarkable imagery to help brand your property?

A unique bridge can help make the site of your property a notable location. If an eye-catching design seems like the best way to help your business with branding, consider these different types of bridges as you plan to build.

Suspension Bridges

For this type of bridge, cables hold the bridge and run over towers. They’re anchored at the ends, and most of the weight of the bridge gets supported this way. The famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is only one example.

The instant picture in your head of the iconic bridge is proof that a suspension bridge would make a grand statement for your property. Whether a business or a residence, this type of structure will be memorable.

Stone Arch Bridges

A great way to create a memorable experience for visitors to your property is with a stone arch bridge. If you have a place for vehicles to pass that would take a bridge, you can consider this model, with beautiful arches underneath the bridge so water can pass through.

If that type of bridge exceeds the budget, or you have no space for such a feature, why not make a smaller version? Customers will remember walking in your gardens and crossing a tiny stone arch bridge, or the stone arch bridge they covered on foot to get to your front door.

This project may be more up the landscaping company’s alley than the builder if a small budget is more your style.

Pipe Bridges

Sometimes pipes don’t run only underground. Above-ground pipes may be the more savvy choice, depending on the building circumstances. And to cross over water features or other landmarks, contractors build pipe bridges.

While these may not be the kind of bridges you were imagining for your property, they still create a unique look. Ask your contractor if this type of bridge can be part of the building plan. It’s a unique visual greeting for your customers.

Beam Bridges

It’s possible you ran across this type of bridge on your last family vacation. These are the types of bridges that you might cross while hiking in the woods and crossing a creek.

These bridges have a simple design with two beams and a pathway in between. You don’t often see them used on longer distances, although it’s not impossible. If beam bridges extend farther, they’re called a span (and then they’re actually many beam bridges joined together).

Different Types of Bridges for Architectural Statements

Making a grand introduction is one way to build the brand of your business. No matter your choice of different types of bridges, a unique suspension bridge, stone arch bridge, pipe bridge, or beam bridge will help your customers remember you.

Keeping the customers happy is the next step, but helping them recall you and your services won’t be hard if you employ uncommon architecture.

For more on the matchless wonders found all around the world, read more travel articles on our blog.

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