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Importance of Online Learning in Youth Empowerment

Importance of Online Learning in Youth Empowerment

Some people believe that wisdom comes with age while others believe it comes from learning. The advancement of technology has enhanced the method of education. One such powerful tool is the online mode of learning. In every part of the world, the online learning has gradually taken a hold against the traditional method of learning.

Facts show that around 41% of the total population falls under the category of youth (age of 15 – 24), who now focuses more towards the online ways of learning. The internet has revolutionized the way of education. Now the new learning methods include e-learning techniques, i.e. through the electronic media such as mobile phones, laptops, smart classes, computers, tablets etc. which is generally through the use of the internet (online mode).

Here are the following benefits that students get by learning through Online mode:

(i) Distant learning is possible: With the involvement of the internet in the education field, students can now learn from anywhere around the globe. Online education removes the barrier of borders of different countries to access home education. One more benefit of using the internet is that students can clear their doubt easily which they can’t do while learning through a textbook. Topics like 3-dimensional shapes, vector algebra, matrices etc. require a great imagination to have a better understanding. Moreover, online education provides quality content for learning, providing flexibility to choose student’s place and time for education.

(ii) High Standard of Education: One basic problem faced by many students is that they lack the standard of education. Whether it is a class or a coaching, students are generally taught things completely focussed on the exam point of view, where they lack the standard of education, whereas with online education students are taught basics as well as advanced studies along with its application which can be helpful in their future. This will enhance the skills of students in a better way.

(iii) Flexibility and Comfort: In today’s world of high competition, student’s need to be confident and comfortable in learning. It is really essential for the students to take interest in learning. The online education helps students to find comfort in learning as it gives the leverage of deciding the time and place for learning.

(iv) Sharing is caring: It is a human tendency to share knowledge with others that we learn. In an online platform of education, students get a deep knowledge about the topic, which can be really interesting and effective in understanding. This will encourage them to share their knowledge with others, overall creating a good environment for studies.

(v) Learning through interesting video lectures: The online education in today’s world mainly focuses on learning through videos. As video lectures have a better impact on our mind over texts, thus learning through video helps to enhance the knowledge and retain it for a prolonged time. Video lectures can help us to learn things at a faster rate. A topic like Laplace Transform can be completed in few hours learning through video, while it may take a day or two studying through the traditional methods. Thus the video-based learning makes studying easy, interesting and faster.

Thus from the points above, we can see that the online method of learning is very helpful in improving the system of education which can be greatly helpful for the youth.

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