IoT projects that may change the world

Isn’t it an actual fact that we humans love to live a convenient, peaceful, and a lavish life? But deep inside we all know that it takes painstaking efforts and struggle with lesser peace of mind and rest periods, to turn that normal life into a lavish one. However, due to the advancement of technology, most of the things have become convenient for us. How would you feel, when you can just turn your fan on while sleeping on the bed? Indeed, awesome.

But what makes that possible? Let’s have a glance below:

It is the IoT (Internet of things) which uses specific identifiers that identify things, communications, apps, endpoints, etc. and has made our life so convenient than before. This will help to increase the overall standard of living of the human race in general.

What exactly is IoT?

  • IoT is a network of physical objects which are connected through the internet.
  • These physical objects can be any of the tangible objects, like people, animals, devices, digital machines, etc.
  • The IoT based physical objects have a unique IP address of their own.
  • IoT doesn’t require human to human interaction; preferably, the physical objects are equipped with some identifiers, which has an ability to transfer data over a network.
  • The identifiers are mainly of 3 types: application identifiers, object identifiers, communication identifiers.

Ever wondered the reason behind the smartness of the smart city? How artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms becoming so advanced?

It’s the IoT which has turned even the non-living beings alive, equipping them with sensors or identifiers.

Different types of identifiers:

  • Communication identifiers: Communication identifiers indicate the communication points. They are used in Low power extensive area network, IP addresses, Phone numbers, etc.
  • Application identifiers: The application identifiers identify the apps and services. Also, the methods of interacting with software apps are recognized. They are used in IoT platform services like device Management, device registration, app stores, etc.
  • Object Identifiers: These are the physical objects used in the IoT platform.

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What are some IoT projects?

Companies are undertaking many IoT projects that are turning the world into a smarter place to live, work, and enjoy. Following are some IoT projects:

  • Smart camera: These cameras are not only capable of clicking beautiful pictures, but they can also generate some specific information from the picture.
  • Smart garage door: Sit anywhere in the world and operate your garage from there.
  • Lot based irrigation system: The agriculture dependent countries can be the most benefited ones with the use of the lot based irrigation system. It detects the moisture content with soil sensors, optimizes water utilization, etc.



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