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Modi Kicks Off BJP’s Campaign In Karnataka, Starts from Bangalore


Modi Kicks Off BJP’s Campaign In Karnataka, Starts from Bangalore

Prime Minister Narendra Modi kicked off the Bharatiya Janata Party’s campaign in the state of Karnataka on Sunday, when he addressed thousands in a mega parivartan rally in Bengaluru. This visit by the Prime Minister comes in the wake of the assembly elections which are slated to happen later this year.

Prime Minister began his speech by setting his agenda straight and took a dig at Congress’ term in the state. “Congress is standing at the exit gate in Karnataka. It has caused destruction here and Karnataka doesn’t need a Congress culture,” said Modi.

“Your enthusiasm shows that the countdown of Congress to make an exit has begun.”

He also commended BJP leader and former Chief Minister of Karnataka BS Yeddyurappa for his work and said that if Yeddyurappa is to become the Chief Minister, he’ll have farmer’s best interest. “In this budget, govt has made a significant decision so that correct price of crops are given to farmers,” added Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

” If Yeddyurappa, son of a farmer, becomes CM of Karnataka, the projects for farmers will work at its best because Yeddyurappa has farmer’s best interest at heart”

He also took a jibe at the Congress Government in Karnataka having a reputation of taking commission for the work that they do. “There are serious allegations of corruption against Congress leaders. Reports are coming about them demanding commission in several projects. I have been told that Karnataka govt is being recognised as 10% govt as no work is possible without 10% commission,” said the Prime Minister.


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