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Mystic India World Tour and Star, Sapra, Promotes Peace in Dance Spectacular

Mystic India World Tour and Star, Sapra, Promotes Peace in Dance Spectacular

Los Angeles, CA – May 26, 2018 – Mass shootings, racism and the threat of nuclear war has men and women of peace searching for answers to create a more tolerant world society. Internationally-acclaimed actor, Sapra, believes the message presented in the Mystic India World Tour is one that promotes tolerance through understanding.


“I believe world peace can be achieved through communication and tolerance,” said Sapra. “Tolerance comes from awareness among people about different cultures and religions.”

Sapra is the lead actor for Mystic India World Tour. He’s been the lead in a variety of international theatre festivals around the globe, hosted for Ryan International Group, and has won numerous awards and cash prizes for his performances.

The actor has been touring since the age of 14. His recent shows with Mystic India have been a huge success, earning him an Excellence in Acting Award in Charlotte, North Carolina, on May 20, 2018.

Mystic India World Tour is particularly relevant in today’s climate. It propagates world peace through cultural awareness. It’s a show about India that takes viewers on a journey that emphasizes the need for people to find strength in culture, unity in diversity, and peace in mind, body and soul.

India is a country of 29 states, each with its own diverse culture, languages and dialects, religions and gods, festivals and arts. It’s through celebration of various festivals like Holi, Diwali and Baisakhi that a sense of community and tradition is reinforced that reminds individuals that friends and family are of the utmost importance.




Sapra talks directly with the audience during the show about the importance of awareness and education about different cultures, ideas, languages, norms and religions. Mystic India focuses on different dances from throughout India, which differs among regions. The dances tell tales of war, festivals of colors, and the magic of the Bollywood film industry.



Mystic India talks about unity in diversity in a country of 1,000 religions, 2 million gods, 100 nations and 100 tongues. Sapra explains this with audiences in his own unique and entertaining way during the two-hour show. “If people are involved in the arts and culture, it could help raise awareness among individuals, show us how to have empathy, entertain each other’s differences, and be more tolerant,” said Sapra.

Amit Shah is the creator, producer and director of the extravaganza and noted that he’s excited to have Sapra in the cast. Shah is the founder and president of AATMA Performing Arts that has branches around the world. He’s a leading force in the entertainment industry and known for his innovative style that draws upon his extensive experience in theatre, dance and visual arts.

Mystic India is a dance spectacular filled with stunning visual effects and top-notch dancers. It’s been experienced by more than 500,000 people and has been named one of the must-see performances of the year by City and Shore Magazine. The next U.S. performance will be on July 6 in Ohio.


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