Physical Digital Integration: The world empowered with physical digital integration

The unstoppable digitalization has led to advancements in our physical world. Lifestyle, travel facilities, work, and communication have been influenced by the digitalization. These rapid digitalization advancements have given birth to internet of things known as IOT. IOT is the base of the future generation of digital integration.

In this, transforming economy digitalization is the key for companies to remain effective and competitive. The physical, digital integration is basically integrating the physical infrastructure with digital technologies. History proves that the integration of technology in the society have provided smart cities that increases the availability of data and analytical techniques. But the most challenging concept is to collaborate the vintage infrastructure and advanced technology.

The digital integration has evolved the way we look at the new innovation and world.

New innovations

With the emergence of IoT, the whole digital ecosystem is diversified and advanced data collection, aggregation, data processing capability platforms have been generated.

Consumer IOT

IoTisused to combine internet and consumer concepts together and this serves a smarter solution. For example, health and wellness calculation through smart wearables, connected cars with self-driving and personalized services, interconnected devices, which includes; Google home, smart home appliances, and home automation and security.

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Commercial IOT

Internet of things has not only supported the consumers but also have helped commercials to boost up and make advancements. Internet reduces complications and makes things simple. Manufacturing with operation, supply chain, optimization, health care measure with early detection and diagnosis, monitoring can be accessed with digital integration. It also reduces shipping costs, better provisions for stores, improved sales, delivery process, and lesser markdowns with advancements in technology. 

Stronger buyer experience

Digital technology plays a crucial role in making a strong link of a chain of the consumer experience. For example, online shops such as Nike id allows its buyers to tailor their products online without any restrictions. The interaction between the buyers and sellers have become stronger and easier by the Digital physical integration.

Financial services

The advancements in the economy have a direct influence on financial services. Usage-based coverage, personalized data, insured assets management, predictive analytics, real-time money security, on the go money transactions facilities depends on the digital physical integration.

The requirements to achieve what we have dreamed about the future filled with advancements and fully developed, technology is our only source.  Digital integration empowers the future with possibilities that we thought could not be real.



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