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Saving Life is in my Blood

Saving Life

Saving Life is in my Blood

“Back in 2014, my mother began to have trouble with her breathing. I immediately took her to our family doctor who ran numerous tests. All her symptoms indicated that there was something going on with her heart, so we were then referred to a cardiologist.

We were told that her blockages had reached 80-90%. Not only did she require a bypass, but they were going to do angioplasty as well to save her life.

A major surgery like this, always requires blood. Human beings have 8 blood types, and not every blood type can match the patient’s requirement. Therefore, blood donation can often be type specific.

The only blessing around the time of my mother’s surgery was that the 6 bottles needed were already in the bank at the hospital with her specific blood type. However, I was given a month to replace the bottles after surgery. I consider my mother’s case to be lucky as not only was the blood available, which is rare, but also that she only needed 6 bottles. I remember being in the waiting rooms overhearing other family members that required 10-12 bottles of blood for their surgeries. These bottles were not available for them, they had to get the donors themselves.

My mother’s life was saved and 3 years later she is doing very well. But I learnt a whole lot from going through this traumatic experience with the one closest to me. I too, am a mother and a wife, and for the sake of my experience and my family, I have been donating blood ever since- this is the third time i’ve donated. As a parent and a child, it feels like its my duty.
Even though I simply had to replace the bottles used during my mother’s surgery, and I eventually found the donors in time but the process was tedious and nerve racking.

If you are healthy and able, I feel every person should help others in need. Donating blood is painless, quick, and you are probably saving someone’s life. After all, the unknown donors of the 6 bottles used for my mother, definitely played a part in saving her life—I am elated to have had a second chance with her and want to make sure that I can be that second chance to someone else.”

Source: Humans Of Bombay

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