Smart Home: Transform your space into a pet paradise

Today, there isn’t any sphere of life untouched by the wand of technology. From food to travelling, everything has become a lot easier due to modernization. Another advantage of modernization is smart homes.

Smart homes are the homes equipped with facilities such as smart thermostats, smart lighting, smart water usage, etc. Basically, the smart home provides you with an easy experience related to all the staple necessities of life. But for families having a four-legged member, these are not the only things they would need. So, they need to transform their abode into a smart home for their dogs as well. For this, they would need some of the equipment such as:

  • Smart Pet Feeder:

Whether it’s a busy schedule or just a Sunday, you either don’t have the time or forget to feed your dog. Smart pet feeder is a very useful equipment for people like you. Whenever you go grocery shopping to buy food for your dog, come back home and empty the can into the feeder. According to your command given through your mobile phone, it can dispense the food. For all the stubborn dogs out there, it can also record your voice and play it whenever you want it to.

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  • Smart Water Bowl:

No matter what weather it is, it is always important to keep your dogs hydrated. But with Smart water bowl, you do not need to worry as it has made your work a lot easier. This smart water system is a sort of fountain which will not only attract your pets but also encourage them to drink more water.

  • Smart Collar:

How about getting a Fitbit for your dog this birthday? Isn’t it cool? But actually, this will be a gift for yourself too. Wanna know how? This smart collar is waterproof and also monitors your pet’s activity, health, and location. Set a particular range, and it will notify you whenever it crosses the range.

  • Smart Pet door:

A door which only allow your pet to enter is going to solve the majority of your problems. Moreover, this door allows your pet to enter only when he is wearing a smart collar. So, the next time you go for dinner in a ‘ no pets allowed restaurant’ your dog can easily roam about in the house and garden with you worrying at the least.

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  • Self Cleaning Litter Box:

Cleaning your pet’s litter yourself is now a thing of the past with the self-cleaning litter box. It is very helpful for people who do want to own a dog but not want to clean the mess.

  • Smart Home Vacuum:

Owning a pet has its own set of goods and bad. The most common being the hair shed by your pet. If you do not clean your house regularly, it can soon turn into a mess. So, before that happens to get yourself a smart home vacuum.



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