Start your business and Become Your Own Boss

There are millions of people in the world who dreams of starting their own business every day. But of course, there are many obstacles that push you back and you might not have enough courage or motivation. Now we have started a beautiful journey which will help you in starting your own business without any fear. A little cent can lead you to create millions. You just need to follow us, and we will keep you posted on each and every possible way in order to make millions.

In Speaking Dots, we have dedicated a column for you to “become your own boss”. We will be dealing with WordPress website, Affiliate Marketing, Hosting and online trends. Now we will discuss how to start a business, but of course it requires a proper planning

Planning: You need to come up with your business plan and with us you have your own plan for free. Plan can be anything your blog, an e-commerce website etc.

Domain Name: You can get a domain name from the websites with Blue Host, and Cube Host. You can get a domain a just 3.95$ USD or even less from Cube Host for your business. Like on the below links to get instant discounts.

Website: Website making are easy and free these days. We will guide you step by step and each & every possible way of website making. Its Just that You just need to follow our instructions and links that we provide.

Monetize: You can just monetize your website with google AdSense, etc. and earn from it. We have helped people to get their websites and they are earning in millions of dollar.

NOTE: Don’t Wait For Tomorrow “START TODAY”. Join Our huge community of Like minded Bloggers And Become your own boss.



Ankur Bharadwaj

I’m Ankur Bharadwaj, Freelance blogging scientist and Engineer by profession from Bangalore, India. Here at Speaking Dots, I write about starting & managing a blog, Entertainment, Technology, Life Style, social media, SEO, and Digital Marketing.

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