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The company named Beverly Hills sells luxurious bottled water which costs up to Rs 65 lakhs per bottle

luxurious bottled water

The company named Beverly Hills sells luxurious bottled water which costs up to Rs 65 lakhs per bottle

Forget Snapchat’s CEO Evan Spiegel who called India a poor country. Here’s a company of packaged drinking water which trusts the Indian consumers way too much.

Jokes apart! One big question that arises here is that a country in which majority of consumers consider a Rs 20 mineral water bottle a luxury, how a company will make the people buy a water bottle of Rs 65 lakhs?

The only way they can make them buy this bottle is by promising that it will bring a dead person back. LOL!

But wait, here’s a catch. The whole price that you are paying is not of water but the presentation.

Real Reason Behind The Cost

The bottles are designed by a renowned jeweler and each exquisite bottle features a white gold cap set with over 600 G/VS white diamonds and over 250 black diamonds, totalling 14 carats.

Each bottle comes in a custom secured presentation case together with four engraved Baccarat crystal tumblers, and it is presented in person by famed water sommelier Martin Riese at a private water tasting anywhere in the world.

In addition, the Diamond Edition package also includes a one-year supply of the Lifestyle Collection of Beverly Hills 9OH2O.

Quality Of Water

Along with the mind-blowing presentation and diamonds, if we come back to the water quality it’s indeed special.

The series feature superior spring water from 5,000 feet up in the pristine southern California Mountains.

Catering to the crowd that is looking for a bespoke experience while consuming water, Beverly Hills 9OH2O is redefining the taste and class of water.

Just like any other expensive bottle of wine, this water is known for its quality and taste. Jon Gluck, Co-founder and President, Beverly Hills Drink Company said-

“The taste of Beverly Hills 9OH2O is silky smooth, incredibly crisp, and remarkably light.”

However, it is not just about the taste. Its exceptional health profile is that it is naturally alkaline, electrolyte-rich, and high in healthy minerals.

Jon Gluck adds-

“Beverly Hills 9OH2O has attracted a wide variety of loyal and passionate buyers. Our buyers include bottled water lovers, health-conscious consumers, and luxury consumers. One of the strongest and most interesting segment of our following are people who do not drink alcohol. They tell us that they are thrilled to have for the first time a beautiful and great-tasting non-alcoholic beverage that can be proudly enjoyed in fine settings alongside wines, champagnes, and fine spirits.”

For those who want to taste the water, but can’t think of spending that much amount, the company has products that cost around Rs 100 for 500 ml and Rs 800 for 1 litre.

Well, it will be interesting to track the consumers of this product.


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