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The much hyped show by Mahesh Bhatt- Naamkaran went on air


The much hyped show by Mahesh Bhatt- Naamkaran went on air

There was a time starting from 2001, when Indian dramas showed on the channel ‘star plus’ became immensely popular. Not only the females but even kids started getting addicted to them. Talking about Indian dramas, the only reason they became so popular was because all they showed was glamour, family politics, and endless episodes. These affected their lives so much that their living styles became Indian. Moreover, they had corrupted our society. Their stories and direction was totally unrealistic. These dramas were only about industrialists, elite class and landlords that made young girls materialistic. They were far from reality with funny cosmetic faces of the stars. badly lost their originality.

It has not been long since the much hyped show by Mahesh Bhatt- Naamkaran went on air on television, and in a shocking piece of news we are surprised to learn that the show is being pulled off in November.
All shows, which have loose ties do not stand a chance on the TRP’s chart, and same is the case with Naamkaran. Despite having a strong star cast including Barkha Bisht, Viraf Phiroz Patel, Sayantani Ghosh, Reema lagoo, the show didn’t stand a chance in this era of Naagins and saas bahu sagas. The show was made with a specific story in mind, but with a lot of pressure, they had to pull off the original story and continue with what engaged more people.

The serial will be from the child Avni and the role will be played by child actor Ashween. The serial will show the struggle of the child who fights for her legitimacy caught between Muslim society and a orthodox Hindu family.

The show will take Star Plus’ prime time slot September 12. It’s produced by Mahesh Bhatt and Gurudev Bhalla who are producing Udaan on Colors and Rishton Ka Saudagar…Baazigar on Life Ok. It is a huge risk by Star Plus, which is replacing a superhit show like Diya Aur Baati Hum with such offbeat content. We hope it is a welcome change in the rigmarole of saas bahu soaps and supernatural fare.

The emergence of intelligent writers and powerful directors has managed to revive the drama. In short it has changed by providing the audience with the dramas they want to see. This drama is now well produced and gives a good message. The increasing competition among different tv channels has improved the quality of dramas due to which the audience gets entertained and gets to watch the best dramas ever!


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