The Role of Media and Entertainment in Modern India

In the modern age, a lot of changes are happening around the world in terms of climate, political, and economic aspects, as media can hold more than one issue at once. It is an integral part of all our lives and reaching out to people irrespective of age and outlook. In the media industry, there are minimal limitations and is considered the most expansive and booming. In today’s tech-savvy world, media is more accessible and widespread than it ever was. The sole purpose of media is to make people aware of the latest Bollywood news, current news, latest gadgets, and climate changes, etc. This is why it is clear that the media plays a vital role in letting everyone around the world know what’s happening around them. 

Even after the emergence of the internet, web media is one of the most substantial forms of mass communication with no precincts yet available uniformly throughout the world. Becoming a media person is now a dream of many and has become the most sought out career option as well. Besides, it is considered one of those rare career options where youth can find relief apart from the predictable fields of engineering and medicine. The media and entertainment industry is, no doubt, a promising and impending feature of the present day. It is a limitless world of opportunity for both people who raise voice against wrongful things and populace looking for jobs in this field.  

The impact of media on society

Media influence society in both ways – positive and negative, depending upon the circumstances and type of news. It helps the community to get information about everything that is going around the world and form an opinion about it. News about any event that is published can have a positive impact on one person and contrary to another. It only depends upon how they perceive the story or what situation they are under. It is, indeed, significant media that shapes our lives as it acts as a mirror to the modern world.

The one who controls the media is also managing our minds. There is no beeline about the fact that media directly affects our perspective about any event or issue. Besides, it is considered as a watchdog of political democracy, and too much intervention is a matter of concern for us.

Moreover, it is impacting severely on our current generation, as youth are highly influenced by famous teenagers on media and try to copy them. And some of the time, they focus on bad things and try to do it on their own. However, many children also commit crime influenced by it.

Impact of fake news through media

In the world of media, every news has a positive and negative side as it is influencing generations from ages. Sometimes fake news makes a substantial impact on society that makes people react fast and influence criminal activity also. Moreover, some fake news impacts the lives of famous people and makes their life miserable. For instance, a false story published in the latest Bollywood news section about an actress can change the perspective of the audience about her.

The impact of the entertainment industry on society

The daily broadcast on news channels about India is incomplete without the latest Bollywood news. This is because it is the most controversial and most significant film industry in the world. Every picture that is released robustly impacts its audience. The impact of the entertainment industry can be very influential and can promote vigorous debates about different issues in society.

Most of the daily soap series and movies from Bollywood are gaining relevance at the international level and able to influence a large number of people positively. Some of the films are very inspiring and moving, and others affect people to commit dangerous activities and stunts, especially children.

The Bottom Line

In today’s news influenced world, media is the most powerful entity on earth. It possesses the power to portray innocent people as guilty because they can control the minds of the majority of people at once. However, it does have a positive side, too, such as education in India has been positively impacted by the confluence of mainstream movies and social issues.

Vaibhav Sharma

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