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Bill Gates and Warren Buffett both agree that Charlie Munger is the most intelligent person. They know Charlie Munger once said problems frequently become easier to solve if you turn them around and reverse unless you’re more gifted than Einstein and version will help you solve problems.

Now, let’s use a little bit of inversion to solve your trading problems around 90% of Traders lose money. So, what we have to do is ask what are 90% of these traders doing first, they buy breakouts and they sell breakdown.

1. Buy Breakout’s and sell breakdowns

Yes. They’re literally chasing the stock price around a second. They all try to cut so short and let their Winters run. Where are they letting their Winters run to straight out of their trading account?

This idea sounds great in theory, but it just doesn’t work 3rd degree causes them to size their positions way too big.

Have you ever heard the saying don’t ever trade focus on the best setups and increase your size on the good ones? Look there’s some Merit to increasing your size during periods of better opportunity.

2. Cut losses short. Let winners run

I don’t overdo it or eventually, you’ll be wiped out of the game number for they are afraid of reducing their cost basis because they might be capping their potential profits. For example, selling a covered call reduces your cost basis, but cats are potential gains. Now listen unlimited profit potential is like a mythical creature. Now, you see these four things most Traders do but why do they do them?

3. Big Position sizes

Well, some of our human psychology, but most of it is because it’s what they were taught by the investment Education website. I know it sounds a bit hypocritical because I run an investment Education website myself, but the difference is they tell you what will make you spend money.

I’m like them. I will tell you the truth, even if it’s not what you want to hear think about it how appealing does cut your losses small and let your Winters run sound sure.

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It sounds great exactly what you want to hear but anyone teaching this concept has either never traded before or they’re just flat-out lying now, that doesn’t mean you have to have huge losses and Tiny.

If you’re trading the right strategies, this shouldn’t even be an issue. Now. Let’s use a little bit of inversion and flippy points around and here is your new trading strategy first. You’re going to buy into weakness and sell to strength. Why because it’s exactly the opposite of what most Traders do now, 

If you want to make a profit in trading then follow the Best forex signals provider yourself might be saying but you know, if you’re getting longer to a sell-off, how do you know when the sell-off is over? The answer is simple you don’t nobody does it doesn’t matter if you’re Warren Buffett or if you’re Jimmy about that. You don’t know if stock is going to go up down sideways or in circles.

The only way to be patient with the position is if your size in your positions correctly if they are too big than the day to day fluctuations in your account balance will cause you to make bad decisions and acquire gray hair at a very young age and lastly you’re going to reduce your cost basis by placing trades with a defined profit strategy.

These are strategies with limited profit potential but they have a very high probability of success and listen if you’re buying options, you’re doing the exact opposite of reducing your cost basis consistently reducing your cost basis will pay you far more than that one home run that you might hit if you swing for the fence, you’re probably going to strike out raking and small with our Accurate forex signals



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