What are the pros and cons of social media?

Social media is a hugely debated topic especially over the last few years. There are many pros and cons that it brings but the pros seem to outweigh the cons. Almost everybody uses social media whether they like it or not and they all have their favorite social media platforms. One pro of social media are it is a nice way to connect with more people faster, people can get in contact with more people in a matter of minutes then they could in a whole day without social media. Another pro of social media is it always comes in handy, like Bhardwaj says in his post. Social media is the fastest way to get the word out there. Twitter is a very popular way for people to get information out fast, for example if a school needs to tell all the students and parents about school events, the fastest way for them to notify all those hundreds of people is for them tweet it out.

There are more pros to social media than just good ways to talk to multiple people. It is also a way to stay in touch with old friends that may have moved away or somehow lost contact with. Even though there are many more pros there are also several cons. One con to social media is it allows people to make anonymous posts that can be very hurtful to some people. Social media like Facebook also allows for facebook marketing and some allows these people to not take credit for the hurtful things that they are posting. This is why cyber bullying is becoming such a big problem and why it is so hard to stop. Even though everyone knows cyber bullying occurs it still keeps happening and everyone still uses social media.

This shows that the pros of social media outweigh the cons. As Sharma says in his post, it can destroy marriages because someone an post something and then another person sees it and shares it with someone who was not supposed to see the post. This is another big problem with social media, not just marriages being destroyed but it can also hurt people when they are trying to get jobs. Employers can look up a person and find out all kinds about their social lives. This isn’t such a big problem because all people have to do is think about what they post before they post it but yet they don’t which it is why it is even a problem at all. Overall the good things of social media outweigh the bad things that can happen because of it.

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