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What does it mean to be friends with benefits?

friends with benefits

What does it mean to be friends with benefits?

Now a day there are many FWB sites or you can say there are many dating sites which help people to find out Friends with benefits (FWB). Where People meet each other, hangout, go for a party, have sex just for their needs.

About this kind of relationship

Friends with benefits (FWB) means you are taking benefits of the other opposite gender. There are many instances where one call fall for each other. You can develop feelings for the people you hang out with, your co-worker or even a vendor.

FWB can even be can even led to success or can pull you down. They are like two sides of coin. FWB is a common team of today and many people are having and going through this. This happens mostly if you are alone or talk less to people.

Friends with benefits is a relationship where a person engage in sex with emotional feelings of another person. Sometimes the relationship is romantic and sometime it’s just a need of that person it may arise more and more physical intimacy.

It has ill effects

As I said that that FWB is just like a coin it has benefits but it also has ill effects it can ruin even your friendship. If person thinks that he or she is doing something wrong. They can go back to their original form by getting separated and led a life without you.

People mainly ops for Friends with benefits (FWB) because they a alone or when the want to heal with Break-ups because they till yesterday there was people who was taking care of the person and suddenly everything stops and the person is left alone. There is no one to take care of that person. He\she starts drinking more or try to spoil his or her life.

All humans at needs someone to share their feelings with no one can live alone. So they start searching for someone who takes care of, who can share things.

People opt for Friends with benefits (FWB) with because there is sexual attraction but no desire for relationship. But the benefits can differ in different aspects like it can be sex or may be friendship or some other things.

FWB dating site

And the best way to find Friends with benefits (FWB) is the social media or dating sites like RealHookupSite, Tinder, happen etc.

Please swipe right if they like that person or left if they don’t. if it’s match for both. They start talking, meet and become friends. It may be friends with benefits or a normal friend.

But Friends with benefits (FWB) are very common in corporate world. People gets benefits in promotions, onsite etc. in some cases in the favors of physical relationships.

There are many Friends with benefits (FWB) guys who later fall for each other and living happy life now and many don’t even talk to each other.

So at the end I want to conclude it as Friends with benefits (FWB) has is advantages and disadvantages be careful of the person you meet And don’t harm people in any aspect. Love them.


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