Why George ‘GStar’ is Unhappy with $153 Million Dollars

Why George ‘GStar’ is Unhappy with $153 Million Dollars.



Studio interview with George ‘GStar’

How did you get into business, and what made you so successful?

George: I had my first and last job at a smoothie store where I quickly made the conscious decision that I was never going to work for any man on earth. It all started when one day i walked into the store and the owner of the store scolded me for cleaning a section of the store that he claimed i was not supposed to clean. I wasn’t able to control my anger, and as a result i said “Fuck you and fuck this place“. I knew I was destined for greatness, and destined to be a multi millionaire since i was age 13. I knew i was going to do it bigger and better than anyone ever has.

I briefly and fortunately was trained by a friend of mine, who had started his own penny stock brokerage. I went to join him as a trainee, and he turned me into the best salesman on planet earth. He was the direct competition to Jordan Belfort, “Wolf of Wall Street”. Although i was never actually employed by him, i was able to learn so much knowledge from him without having my series 7 license. This gave me a nice little cushion to have a sales acumen i would later on use in life, and turned me to this day into the best phone sales, and overall salesman thats walking on earth. I need to meet Jordan Belfort though, (laughs) who I’m sure is better than i am.

What I believe that made me so successful is my resilience, persistence, and the unique hands on approach style that i use in business to manage hundreds of employees. I’m able to do everything from clean a toilet, to sit down in a board room and negotiate $250 million dollar deals overseas. Using my approach, I’ve taken my organizations from small mom and pop operations, to hundreds of millions in transaction values, and preparing them to open up on the NASDAQ.

What’s your view on money, and how important is it to you?

George:  It’s very simple. I obviously think money is a necessary necessity to experience a better life, and I know this might sound crazy, but I don’t care about money as much as people think; I’m not scared to lose it all. I enjoy the climb, and I enjoy taking calculated risks.

I like to think back to when I was barely making it; those were honestly some of my best days, and at that time I didn’t even know it. I have a theory, “Don’t assume it if you can’t enjoy it.” A lot of people who acquire their own wealth are paranoid. They’re so worried to loose it all the time that they never enjoy it when it’s just sitting in their bank accounts. I cherish memories over money, and if I lost it all, I’d get it back as quickly as I ever had it. Don’t get me wrong though, (laughs) money is definitely an enabler. It allows me to change whatever part of my life I want at 50x the speed of a poor person. It’s granted me an amazing lifestyle that’s more than most people could only dream of, and I don’t mean that in a bragging way either, its just simply true.

Tell us about your early childhood. How we’re you raised?

George: Growing up, not to be brusk was an absolute fucking nightmare. Yeah, well I mean growing up I was raised by my mom primarily by herself in New York. Let me say though, we would very frequently be in Florida as i had extended family members there, and i remember thinking to myself, “one day i will own real estate here”. I saw its value right away in almost a ghost town, and now i own over 300 real estate properties in Florida, that i bought during the housing recession. Sorry i get ranty (laughs). But one of my many talents is seeing the natural ending of something before it ever happens.

So as i was saying this upbringing forced me to take on a role as a man at a young age. My mother acted as both a dad and a mom at the same time, and while I’ll always love her unconditionally, I respect her on a whole different level for the lengths she took to raise me. She’s my number one motivator in life, my rock, my true hero. As a kid, I remember  her working many tough jobs just to put food on the dinner table for me. I was a rebellious kid who was bullied and got into over 150 street fights. More than you’d believe, and as a result I got involved into the sport of boxing. I became nationally ranked at age 13 winning various local boxing awards, though I was always focused on business, I always had a lot of love for professional boxing. Shout out to TMT and all that Floyd does. I was in and out of private & public schools, ended up getting thrown out of both to the point where no one would accept me, but i was ultimately able to graduate high school through a private program, and believe me it wasn’t easy.

I distinctly remember one night sitting in my bathroom looking at a razor blade, i had hit rock bottom . I cut myself a few times on the wrist, and started to bleed all over the floor. I felt so small with the life i was leading that i thought it almost meaningless to keep going, i was in so much internal pain that i felt it almost unbearable, i had accepted that i was ready to die. As i was doing this i could hear screams of my mother and father arguing and things breaking.

Three things stopped me from slitting my wrist that night. My mom was one, and my soul told me i couldn’t ever be selfish enough to leave her with the pain of her only child committing suicide, and that she needed me to be the man of the house, we have an unbreakable bond. The second was god and the Roman Catholic religion, god does not believe in suicide, and i saw a hologram that night of Jesus face looking at me and telling me “BELIEVE”. The third was knowing i was put on this earth to help people. I knew that if i could survive and become successful, that i could help children in the future come out of similar situations. This became what i call now “The Light at The End Of The Tunnel.”

So i put the razor down, looked up at the sky asking for help, and then tattooed the word “Survive” over the slits of the Razor marks on my right wrist in my buddies basement. It’s my favorite tattoo to this very day. That lead me to thinking that I needed to get on with my life and make some dramatic changes, so I moved out at age 15 and have been independent ever since. This was the best decision I’ve ever made.

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George, What makes you tick?

George: “What motivates me is having the freedom to live life on my own terms. No boss, no fighting traffic, no alarm clock, no having to miss my not born children’s swim class, no limitations on when I can take a vacation. I’m inspired by people who are willing to do what it takes to achieve their dream lifestyle. I was blessed to have found the drive and determination to find a way to win in life.”“The formula for success is SUCCESS = Effort x Skill”“Keep yourself in great physical shape. When the body is healthy, the mind stays healthy. Physical vitality is a key element in mental vitality.”

Was it difficult for you achieving wealth?

George: To afford the motels i would live in after moving out, me and my buddy Jason would clean peoples pools where customers would buy a $400 above ground pool cleaning package or a more expensive “elite” version. This paid me $200 per week. This first entrepreneurial venture afforded me just enough to get a $30 hotel room a week and the rest of the time i was living out of the car. But it got the wheels of entrepreneurship in my mind turning. I remember distinctly thinking “wow people have to be on someone elses time to even get this amount of money, at least i have freedom and no stupid boss”. We would play techno music and drive around picking up girls in between jobs. Thinking back it was a great moment in my life, and sparked interest into other things that were viewed as blue collar, but held a ton of cash. As the saying goes, “why re invent average when you can copy genius”. I started business because of a passion for personal development and the massive impact it made in my life. At 15 after moving out and doing that micro business, by 17 I was homeless, $30,000 in debt from borrowing money from everyone i could ask to stay afloat and try various business ventures as well as attend college. Those initial business ventures  not only miserably failed on a micro level, but left me owing cash. This taught me two life lessons. Failure is good, its what creates mental toughness and never forgetting that. Secondly it taught me to never borrow money. I firmly don’t believe in it because its a trap and can leave you worse off then how you started. This stays with me to this day, i do not owe anyone anything. It gives you a great feeling of freedom which is what drives me. What good is freedom if i have 50 investors breathing down my neck? Even on the highest level you still assume a boss. I was doing this all while living out of my beat up Honda Civic, and bathing in gas station bathrooms.

One night after not bathing for 2 or 3 days, I actually showered naked in the rain in the middle of a parking lot because I couldn’t find a gas station open in the town I was in. That night, my life hit rock bottom and I was searching for something, anything, that could help me turn my life around. I popped in a cassette tape by Tony Robbins and was inspired by his story of overcoming adversity which led me to develop a massive commitment to personal development. I began reading a new book on success every 2-3 days, studying anything I could get my hands on that would lead me to a successful life. That began the process of re-inventing my life. I was able to persevere, attend,  and eventually graduate college. I accredit college to re inventing my new self, and even sitting here now, its so hard to remember anything prior to it. The brain blocks out trauma in order for us as humans to survive, its almost as if i was re born. I believe anyone can change their fate, there bloodline, and create themselves into the person they want or wanted to be. All it takes is perseverance and that is something that no one can beat me out at. I am the most perseverant person on planet earth.

I became a millionaire at age 21 because while most people were out partying in college i was building a small metal business that in 4 years turned me liquid, and gave me what now is my favorite word, LEVERAGE. I am referring to both liquid money and annual subscription based revenue off of my websites that i built and sold. I began making a 7 figure income at age 21, by this time I had several million dollars in my bank account.  At age 27 I hit my personal mile marker of having a net worth of over $150 million dollars.

Biggest personal successes?

George: The formula for success is SUCCESS = Effort x Skill
When I first got started in business, I spent all my time on working hard (effort) and got very little results. When I began studying others to learn the so called “secrets” and increasing my skill, my level of success increased dramatically. If you want to become an expert in any field, become an expert which can be accomplished by simply reading 5 books on any one subject. That will put your level of knowledge in the top 1/2 of 1% of everyone else in your industry. If I’d had gone about it differently, going into business, I would have found the most successful person I could find doing what I wanted to do and I would ask them to be my mentor. I would be persistent. I would talk to them at any time of day, be there whenever they needed me to be. I would study their techniques and strategies for success and I would interview them to pull out their beliefs as it relates to becoming a success. So not only would I study the how to’s, I would study the mindset and metal processes they went through to become a success. It’s all about cutting the learning curve, so it’s best to learn that from someone who has first-hand experience doing that as their life passion.

Any advice for coping with set backs?

George: Expect them and be grateful for them. The most successful businesses realize that challenges are inevitable. The degree to which you can bounce back from a setback is the degree to which your business will grow. As tough as this may sound, be grateful for the setbacks because they teach you one of the most important lessons of all – what NOT to do. When the team rebounds from a setback, that team will be stronger than it was before the setback. It’s why the MARINES and the Navy Seals are such a tight group – they go through hell together. By taking the valuable learning lessons from setbacks, you set yourself up for much greater successes in the future.

Recommended Books?

My book coming soon (laughs)– by me
Good to Great by Jim Collins
21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John Maxwell
Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

The Positive Dog- Simple and amazing
Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand – even though it is a fictional book, it’s been the greatest book on success I’ve ever read.

What’s next for George.


Whats next for you?

George: Helping people. I am designing the biggest and best affiliate marketing company the world has ever seen. We will take the average joe, and make him a 7 or even 8 figure earner inside of his first year of starting with my company. Thats all i can say on it right now.

I am also a part of an international investment group that is currently constructing a five star state of the art world class resort in Escazu, Costa Rica.

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

George: You don’t become in life what you want, you become in life what you are.

What does your business portfolio consist of currently?

George: My business portfolio consists of the following:  large freight and logistics companies, Metal recycling companies across the United States and Russia, a medical treatment infused with CBD oils for MMJ patients (Medical Marijuana) that cures anxiety, a real estate holdings company, A affiliate marketing and Entertainment company, and several websites that produce over $75 Million in annual recurring revenue.

We actually produced 109,000 customers in just over 4 years generating over $22 million with just one website alone. The #1 strategy was getting the right people involved in the company early on, attracting the right people as we went along and making sure they fell in love with working with us so they never left. I’m smart enough to know that I’m not smart enough to know everything. By surrounding myself with people much smarter and more talented than I am, together, we have made amazing things happen. We also followed the strategy I outline in one chapter of my book – “Why invent the average when you can copy genius”. Most of what we did was not a revolutionary concept. We studied our competition as close as possible to find new and unique ways to market and figured out ways to make those ideas even better.  Because we found so many great ideas and implemented them so quickly, we became the #1 ranking websites across the internet, thus re marketing for all my other 8 businesses that I own.

I have heard you are obsessive with living forever, is that true?

George: A lot in the works for this and next year, i guess you’ll have to wait and see. Fair enough?

I am obsessed with living forever, and i am also obsessed with vampires, my goal is to be an actual vampire, take it for what it is.

What will your new company offer people?

Most of the “tools” i have used to leverage my own businesses and using automation will be simplified into tool suites. One who joins my company can use this for themselves and their existing business, or they can simply share the opportunity of the product and company with others. Either way, my mission is to get people rich in both mind, body, and spirit. Most importantly the enabler aka the bank account. (smiles)

Favorite Quote?

George: He who pays the piper, calls the tune.

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