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I’m Dreaming by Chris St. John

Long Island-based musician Chris St John released his debut album titled “I’m Dreaming” on 21 March 2021. It comprises 13 tracks, a cover, and an instrumental piece. Various pivotal moments of his life, both cheerful and somber, served as the inspiration for these songs, which he wrote over a period of three decades.

Within the album, Chris has explored the themes of love, grief, the fragility of life, the importance of familial relationships, depression, addiction, and hope, all whilst crafting poignant melodies and penning poetic lyrics.  

The cover art for the album depicts two acoustic guitars, and rightly so, as most of the tracks feature prominent acoustic guitar parts. One such song is ‘I Called You Rose’, one of my personal favorite tracks from the album, which has gorgeous acoustic guitar work on it and is in a ¾ or waltz time signature, which further adds to the charm of this love song.

“Your Baby Loves You” and “Dreams Are Free” discuss the loss of loved ones and the pain of coming to terms with the lack of their presence in his life. “Pacific Sunrise” is an instrumental with stunning string sections, that acts as a bridge connecting the two aforementioned songs.

Chris’s rendition of the classic ‘Peggy O’ is another one of the highlights on the album, as it brilliantly showcases the calmness and tranquillity in his voice, which leaves a soothing effect on the listener.

“You Sang to Me” is a slow-paced song that begins with the beeping sounds of a vital signs monitor in a hospital, along with the faint sound of an ambulance siren. This is followed by the rhythmic beating of a heart before it eventually stops completely. Chris’s voice has a haunting feel to it, as he addresses the person who brought him back from near death, giving him another shot at life.  

“Never Forget the Day” has an amazing psychedelic-sounding section of Indian Classical style music towards the end of the track, combined with mesmerizing vocal harmonies, which gives the song a distinctively ‘spiritual’ sound.

In closing, the album was a sheer joy to listen to, with Chris doing an exceptional job of sharing the stories of his life with the world by putting them into music.

-Beverly Dixon



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