How ‘Waste of Time’ by Luclover is one of the best pop music

Artist Name: Luclover
Single: Waste of Time

About Luclover:

Luclover is a 14-year-old rapper and performer situated in Houston, TX, his family is basically from Morocco. Music wasn’t Luclover’s first response, basketball was his passion. He beforehand grabbed a ball when he was just 4 years old, and his mom and dad helped him to build up his abilities and exceed expectations to a propelled level by taking him to practice, individual preparing and playing with him in the backyard. In January of 2019, Luclover found that his ambition to play basketball was gone and that he needed to take an alternate way and make music. His mom and dad completely propped this switch and helped him set up a home studio, where Luclover still records. His first single “999” has just about 70,000 perspectives on Soundcloud. You can tune in to his work on Soundcloud, or follow him on Instagram for refreshes on new discharges.

We have just got the link of ‘Waste of time’ and believe me. it is one of the finest songs you can ever have. if we have to rate the song out of 5 we will love to rate 5/5. If you have ever decided to become an artist yourself, consider checking out these song ideas.

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Link to the single:

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