Milana Leybovich Creates Music Startup – Gemtracks

Musicians worldwide have just realized the benefits of leveraging the internet to reach fans, perform gigs, and collaborate with other musicians. According to Milana Leybovich, she saw this as the perfect opportunity to inspire more females to get into music production.

Milana has been in the music industry for over 15 years and had enjoyed success in many roles, including being a member of the highly acclaimed band Nuthin’ Under a Million, singing in several Disney soundtracks, and having her vocals featured in Hot Rod’s ‘Dance With Me’.

Now, the Los Angeles singer is taking a turn into the tech world with the release of her new platform, Gemtracks.

“After being in the industry for so long, I noticed there were hardly any female producers,” she told us. “There were plenty of female singers and songwriters – that’s for sure – but the number would suddenly drop when it came to producers. This is something I want to change when I founded Gemtracks.”

Gemtracks is a marketplace and platform that allows producers to sell beats. Each beat can fetch up to $599. The reason for the high price is due to the fact that once a beat is sold, the buyer becomes the master owner and copyright holder. This gives each beat an element of exclusivity.

With the newly purchased beats, the artist would be able to record their voice over them and then distribute the mastered tracks without having to pay any royalties to the original producer.

“Anyone can sign up to the website and start selling,” Milana continued. “Due to the ease, I am inviting all the girls that have interests in producing music to join the platform and see how far their craft can take them. Currently, trap beats and reggae beats have been very popular.”

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Getting started on Gemtracks is very easy. Simply sign up using your email or your social media profile. Make sure your account is activated, and then look for the ‘Upload Beat’ link.

Next, give the beat a name, fill in the descriptions, upload cover art and then upload the track. The selling price can be anywhere from $99 and $599. Based on current statistics, beats are usually sold within one week of being released.

“The idea of Gemtracks came while I was discussing the benefits of technology to my friend, singer-songwriter and producer, Jesse Neo, while we were in the studio” Milana revealed to us. “We wanted to create an online setting that could automate the buying and selling process of music, and also let artists make constant streams of income from their work.”

Besides acting as a marketplace, Gemtracks also holds many educational resources and materials that those starting out would find interesting. Some of these include a daily updated blog, a database of artists with the types of gears they use to create their music, free ebooks, and video tutorials.

So girls, if this is something that catches your attention, head over to Gemtracks to buy and sell beats now.



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